Promotion, Arts

Robotic Inspirations for Promotion and Entertainment

Robots have always inspired people to do fascinating applications to attract or impress. Artists and Event organizers are using robots to thrill the audience. Some of those ideas have really turned into commercially exploited products, like Robotic Bartenders / Baristas or Handling of TV Displays. Down on this page, you will find some exiting one-time projects with Motoman Robots which have been done so far.


Commercial Applications of Motoman Robots for Events and Entertainment

Motoman Robotic Chefs

Motoman Robotic Barkeepers and Baristas

Due to their amazing similarity to humans, Dual Arm Robots often perform the complex job of barkeepers and baristas, copying their motion exactly and fascinating their observers and serving cold and warm beverages like beer, soft drinks and coffee. YASKAWA's unique dual arm programming features on the teach pendant makes it easy to program fully TCP-synchronized and independent arm movements.

Motoman Robots for Robotic Screens / Display Handling

Displays attract visitors for seconds, moving displays in perfect choreography with the display content attract visitors for minutes!

Motoman Robots - Attractions on Exhibitions and Museums

Motoman MotoMini playing Air Hockey against Humans



Motoman SDA5F solving Rubik's Cube !

Creative Video Clips and Events with Motoman Robots

As robots are fascinating people, it is a good idea to integrate robots into advertisements and events!

Motoman Robots in Circus and Artistic Performances

Artistic Performance with fascinating Robots - a good entertainment mix. You can book those robotic artists for events!

Motoman Robots in Movies /TV Film Productions

Motoman Robots have even made their way into movies and block busters - with the help of our experienced robot programmers who love those kind of jobs...

Motoman Robots in Commercials

Moving Robots bring a fascinating futuristic mood into your advertisement.

Free-form Design and 3D Sculpture Art with Motoman Robots

Due to their big workspace and free programmability, Motoman Robots are well suited to realize large 3D art and design objects by milling, at a fraction of cost compared to conventional machinery.