Material Handling

Material Handling with Motoman Robots

The term "Material Handling" is a helpless attempt to categorize the variety of possible applications for robots. You could include Assembly with all kinds of Fastening, Pick & Place, Packaging, Palletizing, Machine Tending and Press Tending or Bending in this category, but in our application overview pages we decided to give them separate pages. In fact, those mentioned applications are sequences of handling operations.

The Benefits of Robotic Handling with GP Series Robots

Material handling robots are used to move, feed or disengage parts or tools to or from a specific location, or to transfer parts from one machine to another. Manufacturing companies all over the world integrate material handling robots into their systems due to their speed, precision and cost-effectiveness. Compared to manual material handling, they also provide a consistent standard of quality and a high level of repeat accuracy. 

Industrial robots, many of which feature vision technology or other equipment, relieve factory personnel from tedious and dull production line tasks, resulting in increased productivity and product quality.

The robots eliminate downtime, reduce labor costs and provide a high return on investment. They can also operate 24 hours a day all year round.

Human - Robot - Collaborative Handling with Motoman HC Series Cobots

Whenever it makes sense to share workspaces between humans and robots (Collaboration or Cooperation), HC Series Cobots may be a lean automation alternative. They are safety-certified for use in collaborative workspaces. Fences are not required to protect the human.